Sports Make Happier When You Old


Health is a precious treasure for the elderly. Because of the decline in physical ability should not be a hindrance for senior citizens or elderly people to live healthy lives. And it can be achieved by continuing to perform physical activity.

There are many reasons why older people do not want or lazy to start the sport. In addition to the reduced stamina, a lot of elderly people who claim to fear of falling when doing physical activity. "With age, there are many things that disturb the balance of the body. For most people it is scary that many parents are afraid to exercise," said Amy Ashmore, a spokesman for the American Council on Exercise.

Another reason that is often a barrier to doing body work is do not get along with the existing sports apparel. "They think the sport should use elastic Lycra clothing," said Dr. William Hall, director of the Center for Healthy Aging, USA.

Various studies have shown never too late to exercise. Even in the elderly, health benefits will also be felt.

An active lifestyle is proven to reduce the risk of heart disease and help maintain a healthy weight. In addition, if the body is also proved able to overcome health problems that often affects the elderly, such as arthritis, stiff joints, or diabetes.

Today was a lot of choice of sports that can be adapted to the physical ability of the elderly. In addition to gymnastics, the elderly can also do activities jogging, walking, swimming, or cycling. Importantly, keep active and fit.
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