Soda Can Damage Your Brain !


Some research has shown adverse effects of too much consumption of soft drinks on the body. A drink high in sugar is shown to increase cardiovascular disease risk factors, obesity, and diabetes.

But apparently, that risk is only part of the many risks that must be due to regular consumption of soft drinks. The experts revealed that regular consumption of soft drinks may be able to alter brain. This is quite reasonable because soft drinks can lead to hyperactivity and hinder the performance of hundreds of proteins in the brain.

"Very little research examining the impact of high sugar fizzy drinks on mental health and brain function. Though the effect is as dangerous as increased waist circumference, "said researcher Jane Franklin.

This result is known after researching rats fed sugar water and plain water. Researchers from Macquarie University, Sydney, comparing rats who ate sugary water and plain water for a month. Water and sugar used in this research, has the same concentration as that used in soft drinks.

As a result, the mice who consumed sugar water becomes hyperactive than normal water consumption. Of brain tissue taken is known, there are changes in the levels of almost 300 types of proteins.

Changes in the brains of these mice similar to those seen in patients with cancer to Alzheimer's. This research proves, full of sugar consumption patterns entail more than just physical health such as increased risk of heart attacks, diabetes, weight gain, brittle bones, weak muscles, pancreatic cancer, or paralysis.

"In adults, consumption of soft drinks major impact on calorie intake per day. Consumption in the long term leads to changes in behavior and brain chemistry. Therefore, drink water when thirsty. Soft drinks should not be consumed too often, "said Franklin. This warning applies to anyone who frequently consumes soft drinks.

The result of this research, said Franklin, confirms the negative impact of high sugar drinks are not merely the physical man. Therefore, Franklin advised to always think before consuming the benefits and disadvantages of high sugar drinks.

Knowing the dangers of high-sugar drinks, obesity experts in the field of food industry deplores master plan continue fooling the public. They also regretted that the government is not just believed high sugar drinks are not bad for health.
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