Prevent Diabetes by Walking

Walking is an aerobic type of exercise is known both for fitness and heart health. Cheap sport this can also be done for you who want to stay away from diabetes mellitus.

A study to map the incidence of diabetes in Australia from 2000-2005 found that the more you walk the footsteps, the lower the risk of diabetes faced. The study was conducted on 592 people aged mid to old age.

At the beginning of the study all respondents perform health checks and fill in the details done lifestyle, from eating to exercise habits. The study participants were then given a pedometer, a tool for measuring the footsteps that have been done in one day.

The study, which lasted for five years to find their legs, has the most steps lower body mass index, waist and thighs, and lower insulin sensitivity better. Even if dietary factors, smoking habits and alcohol intake were also included.

Those who have less active lifestyles and began to change his habits to reach 10,000 steps a day experience improved insulin sensitivity compared with those who walked 3,000 steps a day, five times a week.

Insulin sensitivity is the ability of insulin to lower blood glucose levels to suppress hepatic glucose production and stimulate glucose utilization in skeletal muscle and adipose tissue. If insulin sensitivity decreases insulin resistance will occur this causes diabetes.
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