Laughing can make your heart healthier

Want to know the secret of a healthy heart? Maybe the doctor will write a prescription for a laugh 1 x 15 minutes each day. One study showed that laughter can improve blood circulation which later if done regularly can be a protector of the powerful heart disease. Do not believe?

Right! The researchers of Maryland Medical Center asked 20 healthy adults to watch scenes from two different movies, the comedy and the other war movies. As they watched, the researchers monitor the work function of their arteries. After watching a funny video, dilated blood vessels volunteers by 22 percent and 35 percent narrowed the scenes of battle.

Widening will keep the blood flowing through blood vessels without pain and makes the heart and arteries contract. "This also happens when we do aerobic exercise," says Michael Miller, MD, one of the researchers.

Laughter can trigger the release of nitric oxide, a compound that would make relax blood cells, "added Miller. Plus, these compounds will also release endorphins, hormones that are tasked with improving the blood vessels. Advice from Miller, spend at least 15 minutes to really laugh every day
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