Benefit Of Green Tea To Improve Brain Function


A benefit of green tea to improve brain function has been proven through research by a team from the University Of Basel, Germany. These drinks are not only intellectual but also improve memory.

The researchers say, there is a marked improvement on the memory ability of the brain after a person consumes green tea. They also claimed that green tea can be used to overcome the memory loss caused by mental disorders.

Antioxidants in tea are known to increase connections between brain cells. In addition, other studies mentioned amino acid in green tea called theanine also stimulates the electrical activity of the brain to produce alpha waves in the brain. As a result, a person feels more relaxed.

In a study conducted in Germany, the study participants were given a drink containing green tea extract. They were then asked to complete a number of memory tests.

During the work on the problems, participants' brain activity was monitored with an MRI scan to see the connection parietal and frontal brain. It turns out that there is an increase connection. This can lead to increased memory.

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