10 Surprising Benefits of Yogurt


You must already know that yogurt is very good for digestion. But, in addition to good digestion you know that dairy products are fermented by bacteria called Streptococcus salivarius subsp. thermophilus and Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus. Have other benefits?
Here 10 Surprising Benefits of Yogurt:

1. Make beautiful teeth.
Excessive coffee consumption would be so terrible for your teeth condition. Even so, though yogurt contains sugar, it does not damage the enamel on the teeth. Lactic acid is expected to have a positive effect that can protect your teeth and gums in the future.

2. Reduce allergy symptoms
If you have seasonal allergies, maybe a cup of yogurt could help. Probiotics in yogurt can reduce the body's reaction to allergens substances.

3. Food before and after exercise
Carbohydrates contained in yogurt can help the body get fuel before exercise and energy afterwards. Potassium and sodium can also help the body get back sweat electrolytes released during exercise.

4. Preventing the flu
Flu is a mild illness that sucks. If you do not want to attack the flu try eating yogurt can boost immunity. Yoghurt can make T-cells, or cells that fight infection more robust and active.

5. Helps prevent fungal infections
For women, the yogurt may want to consider the next time you are given a prescription for an antibiotic (usually using antibiotics increases the likelihood of fungal infection). Active culture yogurt may help balance the pH levels and prevent fungal infections are very uncomfortable from the beginning.

6. Reducing high blood
A recent study conducted over 15 years with more than 2000 participants. The results showed that 30% of the volunteers who had at least 2% or more of their calories from the yogurt possess the risk of high blood pressure lower

7. Helps prevent osteoporosis.
Milk in general is a great resource for building healthy bones because it contains calcium. Look for yogurt with extra vitamin D.

8. Gives you a boost of energy.
Aside from the energy provided by carbohydrates, yogurt contains vitamin B which works great if you need a little extra energy

9. Helps you build muscle.

Yogurt is a complete protein which means it contains all the essential amino acids needed to build muscle and other tissues in the body.

10. Yogurt can help you lose weight.
Yogurt helps build muscle (as stated above), which helps burn fat. It is also, as before, the source of energy to fuel your workout might do to lose weight. Lastly, yogurt contain enough protein helps you stay full longer.
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