10 Reasons to Avoid Diet Soda

Consume diet soda drinks glance looks safe for health. This drink can save about 140 calories intake than other types of soft drinks.

Drink diet soda also can satisfy the craving for something sweet with minimal caloric value. This is possible because diet sodas use artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame, saccharin, and sucralose.

Even so, it turns out drink diet soda to save many other dangers. Here's another reason not to consume drinks diet soda.

1. Confusing body
Artificial sweeteners have a sharper flavor than real sugar. Drinking a diet soda over and dull the senses of taste and is unable to naturally sweet taste like the fruit.

Sugar has the effect of false turns as dangerous as real sugar. "Artificial sweeteners stimulate insulin thereby increasing fat deposits that lead to weight gain," says the author of The Sugar Detox, Dr. Brooke Alpert.

2. Increase the weight
Drink diet soda can indeed be said to be free of calories, but not the means to reduce weight. Research from the University of Texas for about a decade to find, diet soda 70 percent greater risk of increasing waistlines. 500 percent greater risk of acquired people who consume more than 1-2 soft drinks a day.

This could be due to the artificial sweeteners confuse the body. However, according to dietitian from Minnesota, Cassie Bjork, the biggest culprit is the psychological factor. When the body does not consume calories, one can more easily spend two cheeseburgers or more than one piece of pizza. In fact, both types of high-calorie foods.

3. Increase the risk of type 2 diabetes
According to research by the University of Minnesota, consuming a diet soda increases the risk of metabolic syndrome by 36 percent. Metabolic syndrome is described as a group of conditions consisting of hypertension, glucose levels increase, the addition of cholesterol, waist circumference and increased magnitude. Bjork said, people with this syndrome at high risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

4. No nutritional value
Drinking a diet soda does not include the calories in the body, but the drink is also not beneficial. Bjork said, remains the best calorie drinks without water.

"Water is essential for many processes in the body. Replacing water with diet soda is a bad idea," Bjork said.

5. Artificial sweeteners increase the risk of headache
Recent studies on aspartame prove this sweetener can trigger headaches in some people. "I have some patients who suffer from migraine and appoint a diet soda as the cause," said Bjork.

6. Destructive smile

Based on research published in the journal General Dentistry, excessive soda consumption would add teeth destructive factors. This research examines the user tooth cocaine, methamphetamine, and diet soda.

The result, three teeth have the same level of erosion. Risk factors in diet soda are citric acid, which weaken and damage the enamel layer each time consuming.

7. Makes drinking more dangerous
Drinks diet soda is often used as a mixture in a cocktail. According to research from Northern Kentucky University, using diet soda as a cocktail mix more dangerous than drink with high sugar.

Research shows, cocktail mixed with diet soda have a higher alcohol content. As a result, consumers become intoxicated faster. According to researchers, this is due to the blood more easily absorbed than the artificial sweetener original sweetener.

8. Associated with depression
In research presented at the American Academy of Neurology forums, individuals who consume diet soda are more prone to depression. People who regularly consume 1-4 cans of soda a day for 10 years a 30 percent greater risk of suffering from depression.

Researchers added that the greatest risk suffered by a person who frequently consume diet sodas and fruit punches. Although it does not provide a cause and effect, the results of this research should be taken into consideration.

9. Bad to the bone
Women over the age of 60 years increased risk of developing osteoporosis than men. Researchers from Tufts University found that drinking a diet soda can increase the risk factor.

In the study, women who love to consume fizzy drinks have a bone mineral density 4 percent lower on her hips. This research complements studies conducted in 2006 and published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. In this research, all soda drinks, not just a diet soda, potentially lower bone mineral density in women.

10. The risk of heart disease
Drinking only one diet soda a day can increase the risk of vascular disorders. Disorders include vascular death, stroke, or heart attack. It is based on research from the University of Miami and Columbia University.

In this research, 43 percent of respondents diet soda consumers have a greater tendency to suffer from vascular disorders. Similar things are not found in regular soda consumers. Nevertheless, these results still need further research to draw conclusions on the health effects of diet soda.

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